Learn how some countries have already decarbonized their electricity

The evidence is clear Nuclear and/or Hydro are the only two energy sources that have successfully decarbonized electricity on a state level. We believe that we must be guided by evidence not fanciful hope that weather dependent renewables with theoretical storage systems can deliver the rapid change we need. Indeed Germany and California demonstrate that despite 100's of billions of dollars invested in renewables there have been only trivial reductions in emissions and a failure to replace coal and gas. Given that most hydro sites have already been developed and changing climate may make their output unpredictable, Nuclear remains an essential backbone of decarbonization.


Watch this custom-made timelapse video above showing the electricitymap for the period of October 2016 to September 2017. In high speed it reveals interesting details on European climate performance:

  • France, Norway and Sweden have constantly low emissions per kWh over the whole year

  • Norway is constantly green since its citizens consume practically only hydropower. 

  • France and Sweden remain green all year round too. What do they have in common? They both decided some decades ago after the oil crisis in the 1970’s and also for environmental reasons not to burn fossil fuels for electricity generation, but rather use nuclear power.

  • For other countries, their carbon intensity fluctuates depending mostly on weather. When the sun goes down or the wind doesn't blow the grid runs on lignite, coal or natural gas.



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